Rules of the Road – Community Guidelines​

Rules of the Road
​At RoadStr, we strive to provide a platform for people across the auto enthusiast spectrum to come together, drive their passion, and have fun at the same time. As we grow this community, we all need to follow a few simple and common-sense guidelines to ensure a positive experience for all of our members.

We are passionate but respectful

​We appreciate the beauty of design, the power of machinery, the science of engineering, the competitiveness of racing, and everything in between. We hold ourselves to a standard of decency in demonstrating that appreciation and sharing it with others.


  • Do not post profane, derogatory, pornographic, homophobic, defamatory, obscene, violent, or libelous images or commentary to the platform.
  • Do not use or set up an account to imposter any other person or company, nor to set up fake accounts.
  • If it’s something you would not show or tell your mother, it’s probably not a good thing to share on our platform.
  • We want to be role models for the younger members who also share and contribute on our platform.

We are inviting

​We want to extend our community to all forms of auto enthusiasts. We want to be open and inviting and to drive our passion together. We are exclusive in our unique views and our chosen groups and friends, but we are inviting and open to our fellow enthusiasts.


  • Do not exclude someone from groups or events for the sake of exclusion.
  • Be open, honest, and inviting to members. It’s how we grow the community and share our passion.

We are safe

In the auto world, we like to push the limits, but we always keep safety and security as a priority. Our safety extends from the road to our events to our interactions and even to our digital communication. We use good judgement in meeting new people and ensuring our own safety first as well as the safety of our fellow members.


  • We respect all laws and rules, which are created for our protection.
  • Content is lawful and does not promote or feature anything that is unlawful or violent.
  • When meeting other members, always put safety first. Agree on public, well-lit, accessible locations.
  • Do not try to upload any viruses, trackers, scrapers, or malicious code to the platform.
  • Events should consider a suitable location and size relevant for the number of guests expected.
  • Do not encourage or bait unsafe behaviors.

We are personal

One of the best ways to drive our passion for the auto world is through real, local, and personal connections. Events and especially the RoadSharing feature are great ways to meet fellow auto enthusiasts. We use common sense and good judgement whenever meeting new members.


  • Be approachable and friendly when meeting for the first time. Everyone wants to have fun.
  • Choose a public meeting place that’s easy to find and with plenty of space. Think in advance about safety by choosing easily accessible spaces that are well-lit and highly visible.
  • Use the chat feature to communicate and coordinate prior to the event or RoadSharing meetup.
  • If a member refuses to meet, do not attempt to continue making contact. There are plenty of other enthusiasts to meet!